Tom Ash

The Convention on Modern Liberty - visible at

The Convention on Modern Liberty

Realised design in browser-compliant HTML and CSS; created WordPress theme; extended WordPress to allow for easy featuring of YouTube videos and widget presenting the most recent six of these in a cascading 'wall'; programmed live Twitter feed and map for the day of the convention; developed specific designs for features such as research documents.

History Today - visible at

History Today

For a major freelance contract I designed and redeveloped this popular magazine's website, putting it into Drupal. I coded a custom paywall system, worked on SOAP integration with the magazine's subscription-handling company, and built a Drupal ecommerce store. I designed the website myself, working closely with its Website Manager.


Giving What We Can

I built several major iterations of this website. I put it into a CMS, performing a large migration from static table-based HTML. I developed significant new functionality using PHP and JavaScript, such as an animated 'How Rich Are You?' calculator and integration with CiviCRM. I corresponded with designers, and wrote all of the CSS in some iterations.

openDemocracy's new site - visible at


openDemocracy had expanded rapidly since launching in 2001 as one of the earliest online magazines to feature high quality analysis of global politics. By 2009 its website was outdated and struggling to cope with the high levels of traffic it received. I rebuilt it from scratch in the latest version of the Drupal content management system, developing custom Drupal modules to allow more flexible comments and highlighting of articles. I worked closely with an Oxford-based designer to develop a clean new look, meeting all the needs openDemocracy and I had identified. I allowed publishers to create fully customisable 'editions', overcoming the shortcomings of the chronological listings to which they had previously been limited. Having concluded from Google Analytics data that too many visitors entered at article pages and then left without delving deeper into the site, I built a number of sidebar boxes in PHP to steer them to automatically generated lists of related and popular content. Much other functionality was also added, from advanced navigational options to detailed, micro-coded author profiles.

An author website incorporating PHP-generated feed of new writings, bibliography and archive.

Real Change

A Drupal-based campaign website with videos, a blog and a PHP-generated map of events.

Six (Blog from China)

Theme for a WordPress blog by an English student of Chinese in Beijing, made to client's design.

Free World Web

Custom online discussion site, with hundreds of participants at its peak.

Other projects

  • Effective Animal Activism - I built the website for this now-defunct organisation, and collaborated on its design
  • The Centre for Effective Altruism - minimal website for this umbrella organisation
  • The Anthill - community blog