2014 survey of Effective Altruists

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This survey is for everyone

This survey is for everyone
Have you ever heard of the term ‘Effective Altruism’ or ‘EA’?
HelpWe would very much value your responses even if you have not!
Could you, however loosely, be described as 'an EA'?
HelpAnswer no if you are not familiar with the term 'EA', which stands for 'effective altruist'. This question is not asking if you are altruistic and value effectiveness, but rather whether you loosely identify with the existing 'EA' identity.
Your views and values
What moral philosophy do you subscribe to, if any?
Which of the following causes do you think you should devote resources to?
Please list any actions you are taking to support these causes
HelpE.g. donations (there is another question in which you can give details of your donations)

Roughly how many hours a month do you spend on these activities?
HelpDon't count education or work

What is your diet?
Do you identify with any other social movements?